08/04/2015 13:16


This is my favorite season for many reasons, but this is my favorite reason. All through out the year when you look at a tree you see either the brown bark or the green leaves very plain in simple. The tree is living an ordinary life, but then when autumn comes and the leaves are about to die and say goodbye to the earth, they show us their true colors. Driving on the highway, you see fiery red trees or trees that look like they are blending in with the yellow warm sun. Everything about them aging is beautiful and divine. So what we take from this is even though the world might see our lives as ordinary like the green leaves all year round, deep down our true soul is as gorgeous as the leaves on an autumn tree. Always remember to shine your inner beauty. The unique thing about this painting is in a dark room it looks ordinary, but just like autumn all you have to do is shine the light and you will see the beautiful colors. 

Cost: $35.00

Size: 12x 16