Break Free

02/25/2018 21:25

Break Free

It is so hard to take the steps needed towards self-fulfillment when you are afraid of disappointing the people around you. The fears come storming your mind with questions of will they be disappointed? Will I be letting them down? What if it does not work?  I am scared. What if … what if… what if….

These fears are enough to keep you standing still, too scared to move forward yet comfortable staying content.  Although this can no longer feed your soul with excitement.

What if, you make that step and trust that the universe will take care of you. The people who support you through this change are the ones that care the deepest for you.

This has been my challenge all year. Moving from a career that brings comfort but no longer joy. To trust the universe with my hopes and dreams, to face my fears of disappointing people along the way who loved me in the career I no longer see fit, and to see the love and support that has been given by the people closest to me.

It takes courage and bravery to step into the unknown, but what a great feeling when you finally break free.

Cost: This painting is not for sale yet; it’s going to accompany me in my new career once I get there. 

Thank you everyone for your support!