Enchanted Forest

11/08/2015 16:45

This mix media painting resembles an enchanted forest. It has a very dimentional look to it. In the painting you see the presence of birch trees, which carry a lesson for everyone that interacts with them.


from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

The birch tree symbolizes a fresh start and can bring courage and determination to those of us who are treading the path of spiritual growth and development for the first time. 

Although the birch does appear fragile, it is in fact extremely hardy. This teaches us that in apparent weakness there is often to be found great strength. 

The birch also promises new life and love, and is a potent symbol of purification and renewal, which focuses our attention on our potential for the change and on the consideration of new directions and goals to be experienced in our lives. 

It teaches the lesson of unselfishness and of caring for the needs of others in ways that help them to flourish of their own accord.

(Here is the website where I got this information from: https://www.thegoddesstree.com/trees/Birch.htm)


If this painting speaks to you, it might mean that you embarking on new journey in your life.  This painting can help you on your new journey by reminding you of your strength.

Size: 24x 24

Paint: acryllic

Price: $100