11/09/2015 21:49

When I look at this painting all that comes to my mind is ancient water.  In ancient history, water has played an important role in healing people.  The Egyptians looked to the Nile River as a sacred place for the after life, where it flooded the land every year bringing them fertile soil for crop growing.  Currently, in the spiritual world anything to do with water represents emotions.  If you are a water sign in the zodiacs, you live life through your emotions.

With the feeling of ancient water that I get from this painting, I thought it would be respectful to name it after the Greek goddess of salt water named Salacia.

A little history about Salacia:

Salacia, wife of Neptune, was the Roman goddess of salt water. Not just any salt water, though, she was attributed to “calm and sunlit” portions of the sea. The Light. She was the female divinity of the sea. She carry's with her divine femine power. (

Size: 16x24

Price: $75